Gun business

Five mass murders at schools in just the past week.

Apparently the gun business is a part of our economy which is doing just fine. Our culture in the US is so saturated with violence that even when the results of that violence break through the media and political shields in place to obscure it, many people just can't face reality.

Update: Here's a far better post about the level of violence in our society, by Evan Robinson at the Group News Blog:

The Meanings of School Shootings, Part One

I have spent much of my professional life (more than 15 years, total) in the video or computer game business. It is a public article of faith in that business that violent video games have no effect upon the behavior of people who play them. There are similar claims made by the movie and TV industry.

But there are reputable studies which conclude the exact opposite: violent screen imagery has a clear effect upon watchers: