Betsey Johnson celebrates 30 years at New York Fashion Week 2008

I didn't pay any attention to Fashion Week, or fashion at all until a couple of years ago when I got hooked on Project Runway, the hit reality series on Bravo.

If I had to name an American designer, though, I at least know one: Betsey Johnson, whom I remember from the 70s. Her clothes stood out even then as colorful, fun, and full of life. They still are.

But I still don't know anything about fashion. I probably wouldn't wear a Betsy Johnson outfit if it was given to me. But I love her obvious joy, and her infectious energy. In this clip, near the end, she does a cartwheel to close her show.

What I really like about it is that, unlike 99.9999% of runway shows (that I've seen), you see wide smiles from the models.

By the way, if you are also a fan of Project Runway, there's liveblogging on Wednesday night at Shakesville, in the open threads. But be advised: Don't bore Nina!