OK gives Edwards highest percentage on Super Tuesday

(Clarification 2/6 12pm: Title is misleading. OK Dems gave Clinton highest percentage of votes in its primary election. They gave higher percentage to Edwards compared to other states.)

Susie posted a list of how Edwards did in the Super Tuesday states. He didn't get enough votes anywhere to get any delegates (a 15% threshold had to be reached), but — and this is really interesting — he got a much higher percentage in Oklahoma than in any other state.

Alabama – 1%
Arizona – 5%
Arkansas – 2%
Connecticut – 1%
California – 4%
Delaware – 1%
Georgia – 2%
Idaho – 1%
Illinois – 2%
Massachusetts – 2%
Missouri – 2%
New Jersey – 1%
New Mexico – 1%
New York – 1%
North Dakota – 1%

Oklahoma – 10%
Tennessee – 4%
Utah – 3%

I don't know that Edwards would have done much better if he were still in the race!

I have no idea what accounts for this strong showing in the Sooner state. I know he came in a close second here in 2004 (Clark won the primary). Oklahoma has a populist streak, but so do some other Plains states.

So, what gave Edwards such a boost in Oklahoma? Any ideas?