Vintage MTV

The Oklahoman's entertainment columnist George Lang wrote in today's paper about a Google Video offering he found that features uncut MTV broadcast from 1983.

I tracked down the link for this little time capsule, which George and/or The Oklahoma didn't see fit to provide.

This was around the period that I was watching a lot of MTV, when I worked the midnight shift at a cable security company, and had lots of time to eat crackers and watch tv hour after hour (and fight off sleep).

In it's infancy, MTV was a real breakthrough for alternative rock, and about the only place to hear some of that music in Orlando Florida. Then, of course, it went to hell. Now it doesn't even play videos, or so I'm told.

Some from the early 80s that I can remember quite vividly include Goody Two Shoes by Adam Ant, Mickey by Tony Basil, The Pretenders Brass in Pocket and, of course, the very first video ever played on MTV, Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles.

Trivia question: what 60's sitcom star was instrumental in the creation of the music video and MTV?