Two sad anniversaries transformed into life-affirming art and resistance to war

Today is the one year anniversary of the death of Molly Ivins from cancer, and six years since journalist Daniel Pearl was killed after being kidnapped in Pakistan.

Both were talented individuals who added so much to their fields, and were gone too soon. But both of their lives are being remembered and honored in remarkable ways.

The story of the Daniel Pearl Memorial Violin is told in a tribute written by marthature at Daily Kos.

Violin maker Jonathan Cooper was watching TV at his home in Maine when he learned that Daniel Pearl had been killed.

“They showed a photo of him playing fiddle in a band, and I said, 'This guy's a fiddle player?' Then I saw his wife; she was such a lovely person, talking about wanting a more peaceful world.

“We are in a dark period,” Cooper said. “I thought, what can I do that is good, what can I do about it, about Pearl