Special 'Homeless Vets Awareness' fundraiser day for John Edwards, Wednesday 1/30/08

Many Netroots supporters of John Edwards, while not ignoring the obvious, are not giving up any more than the candidate is.

Like me, they see his staying in the race as a way to make the two frontrunners take up his progressive ideas and policy proposals. He's already had that kind of influence, but there's a lot more that can and needs to be picked up before anyone is ready to call it quits. And it is becoming obvious even to the corporate media that he quite possibly will end up with some degree of power at the convention in Denver.

Liza at Culture Kitchen:

I want you to stay in the race until the end.

I want you to get as many delegates as you can.

I want you to go into the convention as the guy who will make a difference.

King maker? I hate that term.

Yet having you in Colorado as the party's main ball buster would just be awesomely sweet. Because, when it comes down to it, you could be the guy to decide in which direction the Democratic Party is going to go. You could be the guy to decide if the dynastic status quo of the Clintons wins of if the sea change behind Obama becomes a true progressive movement.