Oklahoma Political News, 1/14/08, blogger straw poll edition

Lots going on, I've got news from Democratic candidates Andrew Rice and John Edwards, and a report about an Oklahoma online straw poll for the presidential race, which should be fun. And, in the bad news department, an update on the petition campaign for ballot access reform in Oklahoma.

First the national stuff that involves Oklahoma. John Edwards will be in Oklahoma City this coming Friday, Jan. 18, 6:15 pm, at the OK City Teamsters Local 886, 3528 W Reno Avenue. It's free and open to the public. I plan to attend, as does James M. Branum of JMBzine.com. Since the 18th is also the day that the netroots are trying to raise $7 million for Edwards, it should be pretty exciting.

Fingers crossed that Elizabeth will be there.

This is a stop on Edwards' “America Rising, Coast To Coast” Tour.

As a sign of his commitment to making sure the voices of all Americans are heard in Washington. Edwards will travel to red states and blue states from the West Coast to the East Coast. Born to a working class family and raised in small, rural mill towns, Edwards understands the struggles facing hard-working families. His message of change is resonating with voters in red states and blue states, in big cities and small towns.

During the tour, Edwards will visit Nevada, California, Oklahoma, Missouri, Georgia and South Carolina to demonstrate his broad, coast to coast strength and his advantage as the best candidate to win the general election. In addition to strong grassroots support in these states, Edwards also enjoys the support of numerous labor groups and state and local elected officials. A recent CNN poll showed Edwards was the only Democrat to beat all four leading Republicans nationally, and state by state polls show even more conclusively that Edwards is the most electable democrat in key battleground states — and even wins in states like Missouri and Oklahoma that have gone “red” in recent presidential elections. As former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes has said: “John Edwards is the best positioned to win all across the country