Pro-Constitution activists barred from National Archives over clothing

Today, activists in DC were barred from viewing the Constitution at the National Archives because they were wearing clothing promoting the impeachment of Cheney and Bush.

Let me see if I got this right: Wearing a section of the Constitution (the Articles of Impeachment on a t-shirt) will prevent you from looking at the original document, i.e., you can't express your freedom of speech, guaranteed by the Constitution, anywhere near it.

They took pains to explain that we can “Endorse”, but we cannot “Protest” in a building that is practically a shrine to people who were mad at their government.
– Impeachment activist barred from the National Archives

In contrast, those wearing clothing supporting political candidates, some of whom blatantly debase Constitutional principles with complete abandon, were given no hassle.

The report linked above includes an audio report from the scene. In it, a women who was among the activists with the unacceptable speech, notes that in Nazi Germany, rights were slowly whittled away, and that, in her opinion, this kind of thought control began when Bush had those wearing anti-Bush t-shirts removed from his campaign events in 2004.

The group was the nation's capital with John Nirenberg, who had just completed his six-week March in My Name from Boston.