Fighting for America

A week ago I posted the news about the 17 year old girl, Nataline Sarkisyan, who died when her family's health insurance company, CIGNA, decided their bottom line was more important than her life.

Now that grieving family — mother, father, and the older brother who donated his bone marrow to his sister — have volunteered to help John Edwards' campaign, because they know that their story is different only in specifics and degree and they believe that he is the one who will “fight for America” to make sure this kind of thing cannot continue to happen in this country.

These videos are tearjerkers, but these people are very courageous to do this. I hope they don't meet the same fate as Graeme Frost and his family, who were “slimed” by the right wingnuts for daring to say that sick children should get the health care they need in this country.