Iowa results

“The status quo lost, and change won.” John Edwards in his concession speech.

Obama won decisively, due primarily to a huge turnout, particularly of young people 57% of whom caucused for him.

I've seen a lot of elections where the youth vote was supposed to be significant, and except for briefly in the early 70s, it never materialized. What a wonderful development, which I hope continues. That alone would change this country immensely, and if this is what he can do, maybe I might start to buy in to Obama's “hope” theme.

John Edwards barely squeaked by Clinton for second, but considering how he was outspent by the other two campaigns, he did very well.

Of the other Democrats, Biden and Dodd dropped out tonight, and I expect Gravel will too (update 5 minutes after posting: Gravel out). Kucinich is known to stick it out despite reality; he has other motivations.

Overall, with the turnout and the results, everyone — the blogosphere, the Village, TV pundits — agree that the message was CHANGE.

Obama's speech was very good.

This was the moment when the improbable beat what Washington always said was inevitable.

This was the moment when we tore down barriers that have divided us for far too long