Oppose the Ford Center sales tax

An important message for OKC residents from Batch at the Peace House.

Should ALL Oklahoma City residents pay a SALES TAX to expand the Ford Center, benefitting the wealthy owners of the Seattle Supersonics basketball team, when only a FEW Oklahoma City residents have the ticket price or an interest in NBA-level basketball in Oklahoma City? NO !!!
(This expensive expansion will drive up the price of ALL events held at the Ford Center. Thanks, but, no thanks.)

EMAIL all City Council Members IMMEDIATELY (and call Monday) to protest this outrageous tax-everyone-to-benefit-a-few plan.
(City Council will address the TAX this Tuesday, Jan 1, 2008, deciding whether to have a “vote of the people” to extend the MAPS TAX to fund expanding the new Ford Center.)

405-297-2424 mayor@okc.gov Mayor Mick Cornett
405-297-2404 ward1@okc.gov Ward 1, Gary Marrs
405-297-2402 ward2@okc.gov Ward 2, Sam Bowman
405-297-2404 ward3@okc.gov Ward 3, Larry McAtee
405-297-2402 ward4@okc.gov Ward 4, Pete White
405-297-2569 ward5@okc.gov Ward 5, Brian Walters
405-297-2402 ward6@okc.gov Ward 6, Ann Simank
405-297-2569 ward7@okc.gov Ward 7, Skip Kelly
405-297-2404 ward8@okc.gov Ward 8, Patrick Ryan

Nathaniel Batchelder The Peace House