Oklahoma Political News, 12/26/07

  • New poll shows Oklahoma winnable in November – if we nominate Edwards
  • As of this writing, Andrew Rice's Senate campaign is 99 donors away from their goal of 2008 by 2008. If you haven't yet made a contribution to this important race, this would be a good time. This particular fund drive ends at midnight Monday, though of course money is needed and accepted anytime.
  • A disabled Yukon woman is considerably pissed that Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, Dr. Gridlock, has placed one of his many holds on the Dana and Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act. She went to DC and met with Coburn's staff several times, which is not an easy task for a disabled person. She advocated for the bill, and thought she'd made her case.

    During at least three visits to Coburn's office, Winkler said, his staff never informed her that the senator had any objections to the bill and never revealed he would use Senate procedures to derail it.

    “I feel deceived, really,” Winkler said in a telephone interview.

    It isn't surprising that the good doctor blocks even health care bills. What's surprising is that I have to read this story about a woman from Yukon, which is just outside OKC, in the Tulsa paper. Oh, wait, no it's not…

And finally, in the Some Cities Never Learn Department: