Navigating this site

Again, this is stuff that experienced web users don't need to read. But I know from talking to regular people 😉 that all the unfamiliar stuff on a web page can be really confusing.

Don't worry, newbies, we were all like you once upon a time.

Front page

The front page's center column contains the main content — the feature stories. But usually only the first few hundred words of those posts are displayed on the front page. To finish reading, click the “Read more” link under the excerpt, and you get the post in its entirety.

Also below the post is the date/time stamp of the entry, and a link to the comments <!–(click here for more info about the discussion feature)–>.

Filtering content by keyword, date or topic

If you want to do more that just read what's on the front page, there are several ways to drill down to particular content, including a direct search (using keywords or phrases), monthly archives, and categories. (Note: the latter two methods are under construction.)


Another way to navigate is to use the links in the menus in the header and footer of each page. Some of these links, like “Photos”, “Calendar””, “Library” take you to collections of specialized content, or reference documents. These are updated regularly, but may not be put on the front page with the blog-style posts. You can just visit those pages via the links, if and when you need that kind of info. For more details about what I put in these sections of the site, please read the appropriate page in the About section.

Site map

Many sites, including this one, have a “site” map that outlines all the content, presenting it in a tree-like format to help understand the site structure, thus (hopefully) making it easier to find what you are looking for.

Click for the Peace Arena site map.


Clicking the logo at the top of each page, or the “Home” link at the very bottom, will always take you back to the front page, the entrance to the site (where the web address points).