Jim Roth faces first statewide race

Email from Batch:

Have you seen Jim Roth's website? http://www.roth2008.com/
Corporation Commissioners must be elected STATEWIDE
His opponent (Nov. 4 General elections) has not yet announced.
Jim needs all his friends, now through 2008.


Roth was appointed to fill temporarily the seat vacated by Denise Bode. This election will be for the remaining two years of Bode's term.

Jim is an openly gay man, and liberal by OK standards (i.e. moderate). He has the support of Gov. Henry who is popular, and who will presumably campaign for him. Even the Oklahoman has said nice things about Roth's appointment.

But I imagine the race will get ugly, with a lot of gay propaganda involved. Hey, maybe the Republicans will run one of those self-loathing closeted gay men who can't keep it in their pants that they are so famous for! Then they can really open up all the stops for mud-slinging and debasement.

By the way, let's hope Jim improves that web site soon. Not much to speak of at this point. Click through if you can volunteer or donate, or really care what the jOklahoman thinks about him.