Oklahoma political news, 12/21/07

  • The Wall Street Journal profiles Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn on page 1 in “One-Man Gridlock: Meet Tom Coburn, Senate's 'Dr. No'”
  • The tubes are buzzing (okay, not really, just a couple of posts) that Oklahoma J.C. Watts may be Mitt Romney's VP pick. I find this especially ironic, as back when Watts spoke at the Republican convention, maybe '96, I said to friends, “that man is going to be the first black president of this country.” I didn't agree with him, I just thought he was someone who could very likely break that particular barrier. But then he left politics and I thought to myself, “good thing no one pays me to analyze this shit.”

    But now I'll make another prediction which could end up further negating my earlier one: Romney is not going to be the Republican candidate, in 2008, or ever.

  • The Oklahoma legislature may soon be televised. Stock up on popcorn!