Oklahoma Agritourism

The Oklahoman had a “Discover Oklahoma” story in Diversions section about the state's agritourism resources (link)

The Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department, along with the Department of Agriculture, have produced a map and web site, Oklahoma's Growing Adventure.

I'm glad to see the state hyping this kind of thing, which is all the rage in tourism circles, but hope they are also considering some of the precautions that have already been recognized by the new industry — i.e. not letting the “business” part of the equation damage the natural resources being showcased, which would just result in another form of harmful exploitation.

The site has a place where, once you visit one of the sites, you can leave a testimonial. I couldn't find any listed yet, probably since the site is fairly new. Since this a state government project, I don't expect to see any stinging criticism of the listed attractions, however warranted — that's what more neutral sites like www.mytravelguide.com are for.

The story featured the a sampling of Oklahoma agritourist attractions:

The OK “Growing Adventure” site lists Hunting as one of the Agritourism categories, which doesn't seem seem to fit to me — but I admit I'm biased on that topic, I'll have to research to see if this is a common inclusion.