TV ads tout progressivism and The Center for American Progress have joined forces to produce some tv ads that point out that most Americans do, in fact (based on numerous polls), have “progressive” positions on major policy issues like Social Security, civil rights, health care, equal justice, etc.

I saw one of these ads run today, though I can't remember what channel I was watching at the time. It was a little hokey, but got the point across.

Turns out that there are four ads in the series, and you can vote for your favorite. I was tempted to pick one that was a takeoff on the Apple vs. PC ads, but opted instead for one that was subtle but powerful. To the tune of America the Beautiful, we see scenes from important events in American history where the people pushed for change — women's suffrage, civil rights, etc. There was no voiceover, just text that simply outlined that such achievements were the work of progressive activists and politicians. I thought it very inspiring, hopefully not TOO subtle.

The word progressive goes back a long way, and too many don't know it. I've had a number of Democrats complain about it, thinking that it's being used to discredit the word “liberal.” They aren't synonyms, though, and if anything, “liberal” was taken up decades ago to discredit progressives. “Liberal” used to be an apolitical term, i.e. “a liberal education”. Now you say that, and Bill O'Rielly and his ilk are liable to organize a major campaign against it. (Speaking of education, I went to the same college as BillO, I'm embarrassed to say.)

Anyway, here's the ad I voted for. Hop over to to see the whole set.