Moving, archiving — and futureproofing — JMBzine

I've been working on helping my friend James move his site,, from one host to another. It's an extensive project, as he's been writing online for years, even in the BB era (Before Blogs).

He was an early adopter of blogging and, like me, has experimented with several of the popular blogging software tools, going from Blogger to Movable Type, to PostNuke, to WordPress. Part of the move involves organizing and consolidating some of these into his current (and foreseeable future) blog tool of choice, WordPress.

In porting in some of the old content, I've been reading his accounts of some important alternative news events in Oklahoma, that most likely aren't to be found anywhere else. (Unfortunately the early incarnation of, circa 2003-2004, was lost).

Perhaps most important of such independent coverage is James' posting about the protests he was involved with at the closing of the Wrangler Plant in Seminole, OK in late 2003.

I hope to help him collect his writings and photos of this important history documentation for the new OKIMC, where hopefully it won't be lost, and can provide some important context to mainstream media accounts.

But back to James is going to make his own theme, so I take no credit for how it looks — I'm just the tech department. But, if you've wandered into Peace Arena and find the content even slightly interesting, you're bound to find something worth your time over there.