Joyeux Noel film event photos

From John via Batch:

The French film JOYEUX NOEL must be seen.

Twenty groups cosponsored an OK.City showing.
Here are photos from he Reception following the film.

(Find the Peace House photos) – – – Batch

“John T. Walters” wrote:
Dear fellow Department of Peace friends. The pictures of the presentation of JOYEUX NOEL at Oklahoma City University's Business School Auditorium, Sunday, December 2nd, 2007, are ready for your viewing pleasure at:

The first picture includes “GI Rights Lawyer” James M. Branum, while others show Lydia Polley, Sadie Mast, Dennis Watson and Batch. I had to leave early, but was thrilled at the fantastic turnout for the film. The theater was almost SRO.