Local Roundup

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    “>KOKH story tonight about Gold Star Fathers

    [Scroll down video list on the right to story named “Gold Star Fathers”]
    (h/t Darla)

  • My friends at Red Flag Press are conducting an Oklahoma Rural Essay Contest. I'll have more about this later. (h/t www.jmbzine.com)
  • Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn is singlehandedly holding up a bill on genetic nondiscrimination. I guess Tom saw the word “non-discrimination” and figured he was against it, just on principle. Makes about as much sense as any explanation he offered. Lordy, we have the worst Senators in the country – not just the worst, like “I'm trying but not quite up to the job” kind of worst, but the “total embarrassment and proud of it” kind of worst. (h/t www.blueoklahoma.org)
  • A 19-year old Oklahoma posted a first diary on Daily Kos, about his goal to be an Oklahoma delegate to the Democratic convention next year, and was encouraged to write a series about the process. He feels like the powers that be in the state party are trying to cool his jets because he's so young.