2007 Oklahoma Green Party annual meeting

I just posted the minutes of last Sunday’s annual meeting of the Green Party of Oklahoma, along with some pictures I took, on the party’s web site. We had a lot of fun while tending to our pressing business, including ballot access reform, and I think that comes across in the pictures.

They are a small but dedicated group of folks who are selflessly committed to justice and who really love Oklahoma. I feel honored to be working with them.

Rachel and James on original Rt. 66I drove to the meeting with my friends and fellow Greens, Rachel and James, who happen to be the state party co-chairs. On the way home we took Rt 66 all the way from Stroud to Oklahoma City. Just before sundown, we took a turn on to a strip of the original roadbed of Rt. 66, a section which is no longer in use as a public road. It was kind of wild to see how unassuming and narrow it is. The “Mother Road” is such a huge iconic symbol in America, but the road itself is dwarfed by what highways have become in this country.

Speaking of icons, we also stopped at the new Pop’s soda shop in Arcadia. I’ve got some cool pictures of that place, which I’ll upload later in a separate post.