Exhausted with despair

Boy, I’m wiped out. It was a strange day.

I went with my friend and co-revolutionary James to promote the GI Rights Hotline outside the big hoopla send-off for the poor National Guard troops who are being deployed to Iraq. But we had to make stops for sign supplies, then got caught in bigtime traffic — there must have been 10,000 attending at the Noble Center at OU. Anyway, we were late, had to park in a field, but we did get maybe half an hour of holding our signs. I’ll post or link to the pictures James took once he gets them off his phone.

Meanwhile, in route, we had major discussions about the organizations we work on together, which is good, but also rather draining to me since I’m so backlogged with all that organizing work and feeling somewhat negative about how some things are going.

Finally, get home, and while fixing a dinner of leftovers that my mother is giving me major grief over, try to get caught up with the news, which is horrible, with major losses on S-CHIP, and privacy, and the soon to be new AG pretty much condoning the president to not only torture, but just not obey any law he doesn’t agree with (which he’s doing anyway, but jeez, they’re not even pretending to be lawful anymore.

Insane, but I’m too tired and disgusted to be coherent here, though I did respond quite nastily to a fundraiser letter the Democratic Party sent me today, with the audacity to headline it “Elections Matter”. I shouldn’t have even been on that mailing list, and have no idea how I got on it, since I’m not a Dem, but I was allowing it to continue just to see what they were up to. Well I unsubscribed today (and read some comments on Daily Kos from real Dems who did exactly what I did).

I also sent Chris Dodd a thank you note, since he stood up and put a hold on the telecommunications amnesty nonsense. Though still more bad news when it turns out Harry Reid is going to go around that somehow. He likes those checks from AT&T, I’m sure.

Man, this once-great country is so screwed.

I’m going to bed early. Maybe I’ll wake up and it’ll be Nov. 1970-whatever and Nixon is being prosecuted in federal court, and Gerald Ford has kicked out all the sorry Nixonian asses like Cheney and Rumsfeld into the dustbin of American history where they fade in ignoble shame. Cuz that’s how far back you’d have to go to really begin to fix the disaster this government, and the media that covers it, has become.