Tell the House to Hold the Line — No Telecom Immunity!

From EFF:

This Wednesday, the RESTORE Act enters the final round in the House of Representatives, where it will be presented to the entire House for a floor vote. Within the next 48 hours, all House representatives must hear the same, clear message — keep telecom immunity out of the RESTORE ACT.

Last week, we initiated a targeted campaign to call key House committee members to demand that they resist pressure from the telecoms and the Bush administration to give immunity to lawbreaking telephone companies. Thanks to your calls, grassroots efforts, and renewed news coverage, the RESTORE Act does not currently give the telecoms immunity for helping the executive branch spy on Americans. But that’s a momentary comfort in an environment where President Bush has threatened to veto any bill lacking telecom immunity, and where a contingent of House representatives is trying to sneak immunity into the bill at every opportunity.

We’re now asking you to call all representatives in the House. Call now and demand that they hold the line — no telecom immunity in the RESTORE Act!