Award-winning snark

BREAKING: SCOTUS Declares Bush the Nobel Peace Prize Winner

And from the comments:

Does this mean Inhofe will back down on his (23+ / 0-)

threat to have the Senate cafeteria rename Swedish meatballs “Freedom Droppings”?

by yojimbo on Fri Oct 12, 2007 at 11:42:49 AM CDT

(I’ll be glad when Inhofe isn’t around (DC) to embarrass Oklahoma at every opportunity.)

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  1. admin

    And of course congratulations to Al Gore and the UN’s IPCC. Now he definitely won’t run. He’s on top of the world, why mess that up? I would like him to, but just don’t see it happening. Would be happy to be wrong.

    Hey, I’d even vote for him this time!

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