Oklahoma's Glover River

Oklahoma’s Glover RiverThe Sierra Club has released a new report in their campaign America’s Wild Legacy. 52 Places details one feature or area of each state, plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia where public lands are threatened by pollution, development, resource exploitation, global warming, etc.

Our new report, America’s Wild Legacy, highlights these fifty-two special lands and our efforts to protect them. From the fragile caribou habitat of Alaska’s Teshekpuk Lake to the wild forests surrounding Oregon’s Mt. Hood, the Sierra Club is working with local communities to protect our last remaining wild lands for future generations.

In Oklahoma, they chose the Glover River. They say it’s the last free flowing river in the state. Certainly damming it, and selling the water to Texas, is not in the best interest of Oklahomans, by any gauge. (Click the thumbnail for a larger, readable image, which is snipped out of the full report.)

If you have the computer resources, you can visit all 52 Places with Google Earth.