Iraq's new Saddam

It’s disgusting what these chickenhawks will do just to be able to say they are “winning”. Winning what the fuck, you are not supposed to ask (and so the corporate media doesn’t). Certainly “hearts and minds” are no longer on the table.

This article courtesy our neighbor to the north, where apparently truth can still be spoken occasionally within the mainstream public discourse without three-quarters of the political establishment/punditry going into spastic fits of mock outrage.

This “Anbar Awakening” has been a slow process, beginning long before the recent U.S. “surge” that increased the number of American troops in Iraq by 30,000, to 180,000. But it is still a shaky union, a desperate marriage of convenience based on shared enemies: Iran, and the Sunnis’ former-friend-turned-foe al-Qaeda. Many of America’s new allies are former insurgents and Saddam Hussein loyalists (Saddam was a Sunni) who only a short while ago were routinely called terrorists, “anti-Iraqi fighters,” and “Baathist dead-enders.”