Computer shopping

Warning: Geek alert!

I found a “new” computer on OKC’s Craig’s List and will get it tomorrow.

Intel pentium 4 2.4ghz 1 gig ram dvd/floppy/wireless kb

I bought a “new” computer less than a year ago, a used one, but an upgrade from the previous one, which was slow as hell and ran Windows 98. I got this one because it was quite a bit faster (1 ghz compared to 300 mhz) and I thought (and the seller assured me) that it could handle several memory upgrades. It started with 256 and I plugged in another chip for 512 total pretty quickly. Grooved along on that for a while, but performance was declining as I added various utilities and then Evernote — which I love — really started dragging it. No problem, I thought, now I get another 512 and be good for another year.

But turns out the motherboard maxed out at 512, so when I added more, it refused to function. GRRR. Well, at least the guy that lead me astray took the unusable chip back.

So I’ve been looking around while my machine is slowly (literally) driving me nuts. Sometimes it takes 20 seconds to get the damn cursor to move.

You better believe I made damn sure this new machine can last me a while. It took about 10 emails back and forth, and the seller initially claimed that because there were four slots, it could go to 8 gig. I got four slots now, so I know that means nothing. He ended up contacting the local company that built it, and found out my concerns were justified, it can only go to 2 gig.

He came down a little on the price, and after checking a few more details, I decided to take it. One gig now will seem lightening fast to me, and I can do up to two more 512 additions before it’s maxed out.

Maybe by then, I will get that check from George Soros and be able to buy what I really want.

P.S. I think I’m going to wipe the old machine and install Linux and play around with that. Hey, I said geek alert!