ACLU: Reid and Pelosi have been “baaaaad”

ACLU Reid/Pelosi sheep adI am a proud member of the ACLU. I can’t afford to join or donate to many groups, but ACLU is one I really try to support however I can. They are constantly on the front lines of fighting for our constitution, and they don’t make the mistake many progressive issue groups do, of identifying with the Democratic Party and refusing to criticize it — or even withhold support from it — when necessary.

Right now, the ACLU is raising money to run full page ads in the hometown newspapers of Senate leader Harry Reid (Nevada, Las Vegas, I presume)) and Nancy Pelosi (SF, California), calling them on their failure to hold Bush and gang accountable for the most heinous crimes against the American people and the Constitution itself.

In August, Congress is in recess (despite the horrible crisis we’re in) and so a local focus for politicians is particularly appropriate. In the ad, the ACLU portrays the two Democratic leaders as following Bush like sheep, In this case, a bit of public humiliation is not out of line — besides, it’s Saul Alinsky’s 5th rule.

Send them a few dollars if you can. You can also download a printable version (PDF) of the ad if you like. Post it where your Yellow Dog Democrat friends will be sure to see it!