Harvard Law ‘82 disses classmate Gonzales

The wide-ranging calls for the Attorney General to resign have recently been joined by a rumble about getting him disbarred. But now, in perhaps the unkindest cut (short of losing Bush’s support, which doesn’t seem to be possible), Gonzo’s Harvard Law School graduating class (’82) has purchased a full page ad in the Washington Post taking him to task for, well for all the shit he has wreaked on the country in doing the bidding of George W. Bush. I think they were way too soft on the guy, myself, but still, it’s one more chink out of the fortifications in DC behind which our liberties have been decimated.

By fall, if nothing major has changed, I think the active duty military (brass) will stage a coup. It’s pretty much come to that, since the American people just won’t revolt — although maybe summer reruns will push them into the streets, finally, if refreshments are available.