Survey says: Oklahomans are pro-choice

On Wednesday, The Tulsa World published the results of a survey (of 752 likely voters conducted April 27-30) on the attitudes of Oklahomans on abortion.

Surprising to me, 75% of respondents said that the statement “It is a medical decision involving the woman and her doctor” most closely reflected their feelings on the issue. Only 17% thought that “It is a legal and moral decision to be decided by the government.”

Tulsa World poll on abortion rights 2007

Some Oklahoma Republicans are trying to override Gov. Henry’s veto on a bill which further restricts abortion in the state. Fortunately, a coalition of medical workers and rights advocates have prevented that from happening — so far — by ONE VOTE.

No survey is going to stop those politicians from persisting in their effort. They are ginned up and bankrolled by radical religious groups, and thus on a mission separate and distinct from the good of their constituents or the state as a whole. But other, more rational representatives need to have this poll brought to their attention every time they seem to be capitulating to the radical right noise machine.