Who’s MIA at the Conservative Political Action Convention?

We (the left blogosphere, that is — my official membership card is around here somewhere) have got a mole inside CPAC reporting the news that the so-called liberal media won’t: A very important figure in neocon America and in conservative hearts everywhere just cannot be found there.

Everyone is here… Michelle Malkin. Ann Coulter. Newt Gingrich. Duncan Hunter. Mitt Romney. Jeff Gannon. Sam Brownback. Melanie Morgan. John O’Neill… Oh so many heroes of the right…

And me.

And let me tell you – they’ve really turned out impressive support. At a time when the conservative agenda polls in the thirties, one gets the impression that they are all here.
I’m surrounded!

Something else these folks have done well is turn out the new generation of wingnuts. The average age of the attendee here has got to be below 30 – there are literally thousands of College Republicans moving about in Brownian style from exhibit to exhibit, conference to conference, speaker to speaker, ballroom to ballroom.

But amidst all this young, vibrant life, so eager to promote their patriotism, what is missing? What shadow looms by its very absence?

Surely you can guess, because it is the same figure missing from all the College Republican meetings, and Ann Coulter speeches bigoted ramblings, and Bush family bar-hoppings.

We have a winner!

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