Take 3 (4? 5?), but who’s counting

Yeah, I’m gonna try this damn blogging thing AGAIN. Who know’s, it might catch on and, I dunno, change the tone of civil discourse, not to mention the level of democracy in our, um, democracy. And I could say, without my fingers crossed behind my back, that I was part of it.

I’ve actually got a pile of clippings and notes of all the things I was going to blog about during my hiatus. So I’ll cram those in somewhere close to the dates they belong, which will really confuse things.

Meanwhile, I’ve upgraded WordPress, and changed themes, and there will be images missing and stuff. And the categories will be revamped. Please excuse our mess while we remodel, as they say.

I’m also simultaneously doing some other rearranging on my various web sites, but more on that later.

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