They hate us for our freedom

The Blog | David Sirota: The Beltway’s Fear and Loathing of Democracy | The Huffington Post

You can tell how much Washington, D.C. is panicking by the rise of grassroots politics by looking at the now weekly declarations by politicians and pundits that they actually hate democracy. That’s hyperbole, you say? Just take a look at a few comments that have come from the upper echelons of the political/media establishment – comments that finally admit to us how those who purport to legislate and report in our name really in their gut despise American democracy.


This is a landmark, folks. Usually, the establishment hides its hatred for democracy in vague rhetoric. But now, scared for their relevance and angry that their elitist sensibilities are being offended by ordinary voters, their loathing is all out in the open. Pundits and politicians in Washington are publicly telling American voters that we do not matter, and that they believe we should not matter.

But don’t get depressed – they are saying this because they realize that we actually DO matter, and they are scared. They are trying to once again make people believe we really have no power – when what’s becoming obvious is that ordinary people have power to change things when we get organized. What’s becoming obvious, in short, is that the politicians, pundits and insiders in Washington who pretend to control everything ultimately do not control anything when ordinary citizens decide enough is enough and fight back. The harder we fight, the more success we will have – and the more the establishment will gnash its teeth at democracy. But rest assured – the more declarations they make like the ones above, the more we are scaring the hell out of them.