Good questions

From Cenk Uygur at Huffpo:

How Many Civilians Do You Have to Kill Before You Become a Terrorist?

The United States and Israel love to throw around the word “terrorist.” It’s hard to name any of our enemies who we have not called a terrorist yet. I was led to believe that a terrorist was someone who killed innocent civilians for their military or political goals.

First, how is capturing two soldiers an act of terrorism?
Are Israel’s enemies not allowed to fight at all? If they have to audacity to challenge Israel in any way, do they automatically become terrorists? Is arguing with Israel also an act of terrorism? These days I wouldn’t be surprised. I imagine they’ll call it verbal terrorism. Sorry, I didn’t mean to give them any ideas.

Why is Israel allowed to take bold and aggressive military action (let alone the US) and no one is allowed to respond? If anyone has the nerve to fight back — terrorists!

I wonder how many of us would be “terrorists” if we were attacked and occupied by a foreign country?

Was the resistance to German occupation in France during World War II a terrorist operation? Oh no, that’s right, they were on our side, so they couldn’t possibly be terrorists. They were freedom fighters. Has anyone in history ever been more right than George Orwell?

But put all that aside and just answer this one simple question: How many civilians do you have to kill before you become a terrorist?

Right now, Hezbollah has claimed 17 civilian lives during their shelling of Israeli towns. God damn terrorists!

Israel has claimed 350 civilian lives in their bombardment of Lebanese towns.

I’m not making a value judgment or a statement on who started it or who had it coming. I’m asking a simple question — when do you become a terrorist?