Joe blinks

I don’t usually post about Democratic Party machinations, but this is a giddy day in Netrootsland.

Booman’s take: Lieberman Jumps Ship

Joe Lieberman jumped ship today. He pledged to run for reelection to his Connecticut Senate seat even if he loses the August 8th [Democratic Party] primary. Lieberman is engaged in some kind of verbal jujitsu, wherein he denies that an independent, unaffiliated run for the Senate against a Democrat and a Republican would prevent him from running as a Democrat. He claims he will merely be a ‘petitioning Democrat’.

Not so. The party must and will support Ned Lamont. […]

I am going to go out on a limb here and predict that Lieberman has just guaranteed that he will lose the primary. […]

The question then becomes, who will win in November? Lamont, Lieberman, or Republican Alan Schlesinger?[…] Too close to call. I doubt anyone will top 40%.

One thing I am sure of. The Netroots just flexed their muscles and Lieberman blinked. This is our first, real, tangible victory. Joe Lieberman has been forced out of the party. He will lose the primary. If we have to grudgingly accept him back into the fold in November, so be it. I hope the good people of Connecticut will not make the wrong decision.

I think it’s fair to say that today I rejoice with all my Netroots community, those who still have hope in the Dems, and those who work in other ways for progressive goals. Buh-bye, Joe; don’t let the gurney hit you on the way out.