Does Hillary running mean the post mortum of the liberal blogosphere?

An interesting storyline has developed, with Hillary hiring a prominent blogger. What does it mean? What triumphs or disasters does it bode? I expect the arc to last at least through the 2008 elections, but we could get a pretty good idea of the plot with the upcoming mid-terms.

And I use the word “interesting” advisedly, in the way it was used in the old Chinese curse: May your children live in interesting times.

Cenk Uygur has a take on it at HuffPost, and he knows Hillary’s new consultant personally, so has an emotional spin on the problem he, the consultant faces.

Steve Guillard has worked for a political campaign in the past, and, well, has a rather strong opinion about the experience: “I’d rather set myself on fire and run through a gas station first.”

At this point in the political state of this republic, the blogger involved getting burned is the least of our worries

From the Daily Gotham:

It’s official : Hillary Clinton is running for president
To make this a real democratic movement, we will need to walk away from the wannabe king-makers and really invest our time and energies into advocacy organizations and citizen networks. We need to get people and advocates together in the same online communities, email lists, forums and chat rooms as well as the meetups, rallies and door-to-door friendraisings.

We need to bring everyday citizens who don’t have time to work as activists or write as pundits but want to do more, contribute more personally (not just financially), to the causes they care the most. We need to make it easy for regular folks to be engaged in the political process.

With the death of the liberal blogosphere hopefully we will see a true progressive movement arise online and off.

To be continued….