W is for War

Larry Beinhart says we should just “Give George Bush His War”

George Bush wants the war. He wants it to be his issue. Yes. Yes, please, let him have it. Let it be all his. But it has to be all his. I heard Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid on the radio and he said that it was time to get out of Iraq because it had gone on too long, with too many deaths, at too great an expense. Frankly, it sounded weak and wishy-washy. It sounded like the problem was that he – and the Democrats – just didn’t have the stomach for a long, tough fight. Which is how the Republicans want it to sound. That’s not the position to take. Nor is it the issue. The position to take is that it’s not America’s war at all. The issue is that it’s George Bush’s war. His own, personal, private obsession.

I doubt we will ever see Bush pay appropriately for his crimes, but I do think now that we will see him have to stew in widespread contempt from his fellow Americans once he is out of office and the full force of his distastrous presidency is felt. It is bound to be a dark time of much suffering, but any shame or embarrassment felt by George, assuming he is even capable of it, will be a little light in that darkness.