Kathy Griffin’s Eye Disaster

I’m a big fan of Kathy Griffin. Love her Bravo specials and her reality show, My Life on the D List is just a hoot. She pokes good natured fun at celebs, and gives a boost to gays, political dissidents, and is generally brash and irreverent, which gets me at hello, as they say. Plus, she’s brave as hell, going to Iraq to entertain and visit with the troops, despite her opposition to the war.

I don’t watch her show religiously, but I’ve caught a couple of recent episodes and, while she was funny as ever, I was startled by Kathy’s appearance, especially her eyes.

Well, turns out that Kathy had lasik procedure that went bad, or was botched by a famous LA surgeon. She went through a lot of pain and has lost most of the vision in one eye.

A really sad story. As Kathy warns on her site: lasik=bad.