New glasses

I finally got new glasses today. I’ve needed them for a long time, but couldn’t afford to get them. It got to the point of emergency, as I was getting headaches added to the annoyance of not being able to see much of anything close up.

But I got progressive bifocal lenses, and I’m now thinking I made a big mistake. Only a small area in the center of my line of sight is in focus. Everything else is way worse than it was with my old glasses. They say it takes time for your eyes to get used this arrangement, but I’m feeling very anxious about my decision.

Historical perspective: I was nearsighted for years and started wearing glasses when I was 10 or so. As I got older, my eyes gradually became farsighted. Nearsighted is way better.

Oh, and though I like the frames, they don’t fit right. I had the woman work on them for 15 minutes but she didn’t seem able to adjust them properly and I didn’t want her to keep bending them if she didn’t know what she was doing.

Shit, now I’m really depressed. I can only see in a tiny pinpoint. I feel like my world just shrunk by about 90%. And for a progressive living in Waco, Texas, this is not a good situation.