Camp Casey Dallas Regulars to Support Women in Black, Confront Homeland

I’m going to try to get to this event on my way to Oklahoma.

— In, Herschel Tomlinson

As described in the email below, Dallas Police officers assigned to the
Homeland Security Division have cited members of Women in Black of
Dallas. This group has been doing some remarkable counter recruitment
work. A number of the regulars at Camp Casey Dallas have decided to go
support WIB, in lieu of our Friday picket of KB Hutchison’s office. We
are asking as many of you as are able to come help us show that (as
Laray says below) “they can’t intimidate peaceful protesters”!

Men are welcome.

This Thursday, the Dallas chapter of Women in Black could use some
support. Last Thursday, as two Women In Black stood in front of the
Federal Building downtown where recruiters are busy bringing in fresh
young recruits, they were cited by Homeland Security police officers for
“obstructing the entrance”. This is nonsense; the sidewalk is wide
there, and they were not right in front of the doorway, rather out near
the curb. The first officer called for back up, and an additional 2 cars
arrived, so 3 homeland security-division cop cars, each with a uniformed
officer ended up at the scene. The tickets that were written carry a $75

The following is from Laray Polk, founder of Dallas Women in Black:

I will get verification on where we may legally assemble in accordance
with local jurisdiction, so that on Thursday, we understand clearly
where the lines are drawn. All who want to attend and participate are
welcome. We will assemble on Thursday, May 11, at noon, ACROSS THE
STREET from the Federal Building at 207 S. Houston street (next to Union
Station). It may be a good idea to have a short discussion prior to the
action so that the sisters can come up with ways to lawfully create a
culture of contrast in the midst of all this unnecessary aggression.

Next Thursday’s vigil will be across the street from the building, so
there is no chance of being accused of (and ticketed for) blocking the
entrance, and it would be great to have a larger than usual group to
show solidarity. Please wear black as a sign of mourning. Let’s show
them they can’t intimidate peaceful protestors out of existence.