Off the rack

The unveiling of President Clinton’s official portrait provoked a real intellectual discussion on Scarborough Country the other night, between Joe, so-called Mr. Average, and Anna Marie Cox, who will forever be known as the former Wonkette, a gossip monger for the Beltway elite.

One of their complaints: the suit looks like it was (and — shocking! — may have been) bought at “Men’s Wearhouse” or “JC Penneys.” I kid you not. For that, disgust drips from their lips and pools around their Ferragamo-clad feet.

Taylor Marsh reacts appropriately:

As for Joe, he unmasked the contempt Republicans truly have for people like Bill, not just the president himself, but what Bill represents. You know, the Ozark, middle America, up from nothing, no father, rising to Rhodes Scholar then to president type, which is nothing short of the biggest threat to the Republican Party ever seen. The American born from nothing that makes it all the way. What it illustrates is that Republicans like to talk about being for the average man, but their contempt for Bill Clinton shows their true feelings for the men and women of middle America. Republicans are the party of the elites. They’ve just got a heck of a marketing plan.

I’m far from a Bill Clinton fan or apologist, but this is beyond contemptible in its arrogance and disrespect — not for Clinton, but for the common people, of which they most assuredly do not consider themselves a part.

As Taylor notes:

But what does the portrait really say? It says, in your face. I’m from Arkansas. I am who I am and the American people and the world think that’s good enough.

This, my Republican readers, is your party’s true colors. You have been bamoozled and the sooner you recognize that, the sooner we start getting a democratic country back.