The devine right

Tena at First Draft takes issue with a preacher’s take on God and government:

Re: “Christians ask: Can you love thy neighbor but deport him too?” Friday news story.

I was amazed at the responses from religious organizations. Obedience to the laws of your government is, in fact, obedience to God. Matthew 22:21 states: “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.” We have laws that were enacted by our government; the Christian thing to do is to obey them. God gives us government and leaders, and all are within his will. Obedience is required regardless of how passionate we feel about the subject. We cannot under any circumstances condone civil disobedience because it is contrary to God’s law.

The Rev. J. Alvin Carter, Dallas

I thought she was quite restrained in her response. But some commenters attempt to address the good reverend within his own worldview.

My guess is that the Rev. J. Alvin Carter of Dallas, Texas really worships George W. Bush and the modern Republican Party, and if actually faced with making a choice, God would be dumped in a heartbeat.