Another DNA exoneration

DNA frees jailed man 18 years later – Crime & Punishment –

DALLAS – A man who spent 18 years behind bars for allegedly attacking a woman in her home has been released after DNA testing excluded him as the attacker.

“I don’t know how to apologize. I don’t know where to start, but I’ll start with me and “I’m sorry,”‘ District Judge John Creuzot said Monday as he released Gregory Wallis, now 47. Creuzot was not involved in the original trial.

Wallis was a 29-year-old warehouse worker when he was convicted in 1988 of burglary with intent to commit sexual assault and sentenced to 50 years in prison.


At some point these DNA exoneration stories are going to reach a critical mass, one would hope, and changes will be made in the system, including the elimination of the death penalty altogether. But in the meantime, we can all wonder just how many innocent people are sitting in prison, their lives and families irrevocably harmed.

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