The New China Syndrome

Businesses have been encouraged by our government for years now to go into China, and the motivation was NOT to bring them our freedoms, but to take away their money. Now, the shit has hit the fan, because Yahoo, no doubt like other companies dancing to China’s tune, provided info that got a dissident identified and imprisoned for 8 years.

There will be hearings in the House this week. But as Steve Guillard correctly noted, there are only two choices here, and one of them is the right one.

I am a heavy user of various Yahoo services, and I recently contacted the company with my outrage over their release of search information to US spying agencies. Now this. I will be paying attention to the hearings, and seeing what Yahoo does about this. But things don’t look promising.

It will be a big hassle to move dozens of listserves to another service, to say nothing of my SBC account for internet access and several Yahoo mail accounts, but I will not continue to support Yahoo if this isn’t handled appropriately.

My message to Yahoo: Get out of China.