CIA, Iraq and crime

Maxspeak warns about throwing around the accusation”treason” too lightly, and he’s right. But then he says something else worth remembering as this tangled web continues to unwind:

[…] the CIA doesn’t deserve any good housekeeping seal of approval. Its personnel have committed numerous crimes over the decades. These crimes have been in furtherance of an underlying foreign policy directed at destroying or marginalizing secular liberal and radical social movements in the developing world. The weakness of these movements today explains in great part the prominence of Islamic fundamentalism, not to mention an assortment of autocratic, kleptomaniacal regimes. The latter we call our friends, part of the freedom movement, defined as any government willing to play ball with any current lunatic undertakings of the U.S. government. Of course, sometimes they go bad and require U.S. military invasions to set things right.