Vet blasts Iraq debacle in Oklahoman

Amazing letter to the editor in today’s Oklahoman. (Not the usual uninformed anti-liberal rant, which in itself is notable.)

Volunteer force is floundering

Having served in the military recently, I believe I can shed some light on the questions posed by William R. Melton (Your Views, July 10). He wonders if our fighting men can maintain good morale and continue to fight under these conditions. They can’t. The morale of our enlisted men is already low. Most of the young enlisted men who do the majority of the fighting are tired of the lies from this administration. They know they are not defending America’s freedom; instead, they are wrapped up in a personal vendetta gone bad.

Will the volunteer force crash and burn? It already has! I would never allow one of my children or other family members to volunteer to serve in the military under its current leadership. I’d try to talk anyone out of volunteering to serve in an organization that’s governed recklessly and based on fiction.

Michael Marsh, Oklahoma City

BTW, Oklahoman editors: I think you mean “foundering.”