Blogging – It's hard work!

I realized this week that my blog has been screwed up for almost two months. Well, actually, the blog was fine, but it was in the wrong directory.

See, I originally was going to use Mambo for The Re Collection. I set it up, found a theme I really liked, then started posting, only to find that that CMS was actually too robust for my little effort here. It wasn’t really geared to posting on the fly, which is a feature I need if there is ever to be any activity here. (BTW, I’m now using Mambo for another project, where it is an appropriate choice.) So, I decided to switch to WordPress, which really is, IMHO, the best CMS for a basic personal blog.

Things then got complicated, because I really, really liked the Mambo theme I had found, called box_red451, which is a Mambo China creation (see the link at the bottom of this page for more info). So, I began to port that theme to WordPress. This became quite the project — in fact, I’m still not finished with the finer points — since the two templating systems are rather different, and box_red451 is, dare I say, a wee bit over-designed.

Anyway, somewhere in that process, sometime in April, I think, I actually began posting to the WP blog instead of the Mambo one. However, I forgot to change the directory names, putting WP at the /re/ address, so for all that time, I’m strictly blogging for myself (which I do anyway, but I like to pretend I’m putting it out there for the world, else I wouldn’t do it at all, most likely).

So, this week, light dawned, and I made the correction. I’m still tweaking the templates and adding plugins — something I will probably never stop doing, since I clearly prefer designing and fiddling to actually posting content!

At any rate, welcome to the new, simpler-but-not-so-simple WP version of The Re Collection. Let the collecting resume.

(I will have a theme-changer at the bottom of the sidebar, so if you hate box red, or don’t want to load all the images involved (or have a browsing device that won’t accept them), then you can switch to a basic, cleaner display. Your choice can be saved in a cookie.)