Hollywood 'can't handle the truth' about Merv Griffin

Pam Spaulding is one of the premiere LGBT bloggers. She’s on a story about the news coverage about Merv Griffin since his death. Seems like some hot shots in LA (and perhaps the late entertainer’s family) are all in a tizzy because America might find out that he was gay.

That this is still an issue is just ridiculous. It’s sad that Merv felt the need to stay closeted all his life, but he was from a different generation, and I’ll cut him some slack. But to continue to promote a myth after he’s gone does neither Griffin nor the country — nor the entertainment business I guess I should add — one bit of good.

News tip for the media: there’s nothing wrong with being gay, so stop your silly tiptoeing around the truth, which is supposed to be the business you’re in, not pacifying bigots and whitewashing the lives of public figures.

Pam’s House Blend:: Mervgate continues — article restored, but altered

You’d think the matter of an obit about or reminiscence of a public figure wouldn’t generate all this brouhaha, but that’s what happens when the world outside of the closet is so frightening to people in Hollywood that all sorts of insane measures are taken to reinforce the message is that there is something inherently wrong with being gay.