26 June 2006 ~ Comments Off

Waco’s lynching history

This area has been going through a period of reflection and reassessment in the past few years about its rather dark racist history — well some folks in these parts are frantically resisting any reflection and reassessment, but they are the usual suspects who are always on the wrong side of history. This interview with, Patricia Bernstein, the author… Read the rest

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27 May 2006 ~ Comments Off

Happy birthday, CenTex MCC

I started getting the Waco Trib this week (well, the weekend editions anyway) and will try to write about more local issues on this blog. There are not too many lefty blogs in the Heart of Texas, so it’s a necessary public service. Today there’s an article about the local MCC church, a gay/lesbian friendly denomination that, in conservative… Read the rest

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14 February 2006 ~ Comments Off

Chinese Kitchen and Coffee Grinder Espresso Bar & Gelatoria

Grabbed a late lunch today at an established chinese buffet, Chinese Kitchen, on Valley Mills, and after doing some shopping (including food and supplies for my new canine companion) had a quick dessert and coffee at a new coffeehouse, the Coffee Grinder, at 824 Hewitt Dr. Chinese Kitchen has a cozier atmosphere than the Summer Palace, which I have also… Read the rest

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13 February 2006 ~ Comments Off

1916 murder in Waco sparked anti-lynching campaign

In searching for death penalty info in Texas, I found about about the brutal attack on Jesse Washington, a black man, possibly retarded, by whites in Waco — a story most of the locals apparently would rather forget. But a couple of recent books and newspaper articles feature the story of the lynching, and there seems to be a… Read the rest

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11 February 2006 ~ Comments Off

Restaurant review: Mama Baris, Hewitt

I’m new to Waco, and can barely find my way from one end of town to the other, but I will remember the way to Mama Baris, an Italian restaurant that opened in Hewitt on Jan. 10. This is my first restaurant review, and it won’t be anything fancy. But I’m working now, and able to go out to eat… Read the rest

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