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April 4

An email from my friend Batch, director of the Oklahoma City Peace House: To commemorate this April 4th memorial of Martin Luther King’s assassination, a friend sent me this 9-minute video of excerpts from King’s speeches – a short 9-minute history that not only allows us to think of King as one of our very best, but also a… Read the rest

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Hang On, Sloopy was a hit when I was in 7th grade. I was just becoming aware of the Vietnam War, but it wasn’t much on my mind; I had problems closer to home. Other songs I remember most from that year are Satisfaction, which played in heavy rotation in the little cafeteria where we waited to be picked… Read the rest

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24 December 2010 ~ 1 Comment

Happy Christmas, you crazy country!

Happy Christmas to all my Christian friends and readers (all two of you!). This video cracks me up. It starts with Bettie Page pinup shots followed by vintage home videos of moms and kids in front of the Christmas tree, all with Brenda Lee belting out “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.” What could possibly be more American? Nothing, that’s what!… Read the rest

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Everybody knows

We’ve been had.… Read the rest

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Dennos Libertad (Give Us Freedom) music video

Back on September 26, I joined the band MoonSue and friends as they filmed a music video on the steps of the Oklahoma State Capitol. My photos are here. Now the video has been released. The song has been playing on some of the Spanish language stations for a few weeks, and reportedly getting good response. I’m not into music,… Read the rest

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Hank Williams given special Pulitzer, Meryl Streep elected to Academy

Any award Special Citation for Hank Williams (Sr) doesn’t really need an explanation.
New York City, April 12 – The Pulitzer Prize Board has awarded a posthumous Special Citation to country music icon Hank Williams for his lifetime achievement as a musician, Columbia University announced today.
The citation praises Williams for “his craftsmanship as a songwriter who expressed universal
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Siskel and Ebert outtakes

Oh. My. God. This had me wiping tears off my cheeks AND my keyboard, it’s so hilarious. Maybe to fully appreciate it, you had to have watched them religiously for years like I did, enjoying the tension between the two movie lovers who couldn’t seem to agree on anything. I often wondered what they talked about during the commercials, so… Read the rest

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27 January 2009 ~ Comments Off

Indy film an intense Oklahoma love story

Sterlin Harjo, an Oklahoma filmmaker, had his latest movie, Barking Water, premiere at Sundance on Jan. 17. Here’s the synopsis:
Before Oklahoma was a red state, it was known as the Land of the Red People, described by the Choctaw phrase Okla Humma. In his sophomore film, Sterlin Harjo takes viewers on a road trip through his own personal
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My interview with Iraq war resister Daniel Sandate

I did my first interview with my new Flip camera on Thursday, talking to Daniel Sandate, who was just released from Ft. Sill on Tuesday. He was accompanied by James M. Branum, “G.I. Rights Lawyer,” who was co-counsel for Sandate’s court martial at Ft. Carson, and of course whom I work with at Oklahoma Center for Conscience.… Read the rest

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